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The Renaissance Way on Wholesaler / Distributors’ Insurance

Irrespective of whether you are distributing through supermarkets, mini-markets, kiosks, department stores or specialist outlets, we know that for you time is money.

As distribution becomes more sophisticated and just-in-time logistics becomes the prevailing modus operandi, replacing a lost warehouse, recalling products efficiently or replacing damaged shipments immediately can make the difference between success and failure.

Our primary concern on Wholesaler/ Distributors’ Insurance is to ensure that your business continues to operate irrespective of the risks you are exposed to. This way, relationships with major retailers are uninterrupted and revenue flow is consistent.

Some examples of our solutions in this segment include:

  • Property and Business Interruption Insurance to help you replace premises and revenue should the unthinkable happen
  • Liability Insurance to protect you from liability towards your business partners (consumers, retailers, manufacturers, employees). Such programs can combine Public, Products and Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Transit Insurance (Air, Marine and Inland), protecting your supply chain from production to consumption
  • Fleet Insurance Programs that take into account the need to maximize vehicle utilization and minimize downtime due to road accidents
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance that takes care of board-room risk
  • Employee Benefits that contribute towards attracting and retaining top talent

Our solutions are available to distributors/ wholesalers of all sizes and from a number of insurers, local and international.

    Our Promise on Service

  • Starts with Listening: We take time to understand your specific needs and design a tailor-made program.
  • Continues with commitment: We are a family-owned business, just like most of our clients. Our commitment is to our clients and not any public shareholders.
  • Evolves with your business:We grow with you, share knowledge and expertise and maintain the relationship for the long-term.