Small & Medium Companies

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy and our largest client segment. We understand what they need and we offer it to them in a way that is understandable and cost-effective.

SMEs trust us with their insurance because we:

  • Understand their risks and can offer valuable advice. We are also an SME.
  • Don’t treat SMEs as a number. The same account executive takes care of all your insurance needs, irrespective of how many insurers are involved.
  • Act fast saving you time when there is an immediate request.
  • Put together package solutions that combine covers for SMEs in comprehensive insurance policies.
  • Save SMEs money by using our purchasing power to get discounted prices

Through our SME practice, small and medium companies now have access to a true insurance supermarket.

Available solutions include:

  • Property and Business Interruption Insurance to protect your assets and ensure business continues in case of a major catastrophe.
  • Liability Insurance, including Employer’s, Public and Product Liability covering your liability to employees and third parties.
  • Transport Insurance covering your fleets and goods while in transit to/from/in Cyprus.
  • Employee Benefits, such as Group Medical, Life, Accident and Travel Insurance, to promote the financial stability of you, your family and employees’ in case of an unforeseen accident or illness.
  • Niche Solutions. We look at special risks as a challenge. Here’s what we have done for Jewellers. If you have a challenge for us, our team would like to hear from you.
  • Jewellers’ Block in Cyprus

Our solutions are available to companies of all sizes and from a number of insurers, local and international.

Our Promise on Service

  • Starts with Listening: We take time to understand your specific needs and design a tailor-made program
  • Continues with commitment: We are a family-owned business, just like most of our clients. Our commitment is to our clients and not any public shareholders
  • Evolves with your business: We grow with you, share knowledge and expertise and maintain the relationship for the long-term