Property Surveyors

The Renaissance Way on Property Surveyors and Valuers’ Insurance

Surveyors and valuers are probably one of the most cyclical trades in terms of Professional Liability. Since their valuation services are subject to specific conflicts of interest, when the property market is soft, they are exposed to litigation from entities forced to sell property at distressed prices, below the fire sale price stipulated in the original valuation. In such cases banks and investors target surveyors to recover the difference.

What is unique is that these professionals are exposed to an accumulation of claims under such conditions, which makes the potential financial burden unbearable. This is reflected in the availability of insurance markets for such risks and the relevant terms and conditions.

Available solutions include:

  • Professional Liability Insurance, which could include:
    • Employee Dishonesty (particularly useful on valuation)
    • Loss of Documents
    • Real Estate Agency extension
    • Multiple Jurisdictions in case of valuation work abroad or work for foreign clients
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, particularly suitable for limited liability companies
  • Office insurance that includes Property, Employer’s and Public Liability cover
  • Employee Benefits, such as Group Medical, Life, Accident and Travel Insurance, to assist in attracting and retaining top-class talent

Our solutions are available to practices of all sizes and from a number of insurers, local and international.

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