The Renaissance Way on Independent Financial Advisors’(IFAs) Insurance

You will have noticed when setting up in Cyprus that there are not many firms like you around. Subsequently when considering insurance, especially Professional Liability related, most local insurers will have faced you with reservation, due to the lack of relevant experience in you segment.

We understand the value-added through your services and have secured solutions for your various needs, especially if you hold an insurance intermediary status.

Available solutions include:

  • Professional Liability Insurance for IFAs, which takes into account the special nature of the profession by catering for risks like:
    • Employee Dishonesty
    • Loss of Documents
    • Market recommendation
    • Breach of Data Protection
    • Sub-Consultants Liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, for corporate practices
  • Office packages that protect your assets and ensure business continuity in case of a major catastrophe, as well as Employer’s/ Public Liability, covering liability to your employees and third parties
  • Employee Benefits, such as Group Medical, Life, Accident and Travel Insurance, to help you in attracting and retaining top-class talent

Our solutions are available to practices of all sizes and from a number of insurers, local and international, with an inherent expertise on non-invasive specialties.

    Our Promise on Service

  • Starts with Listening: We take time to understand your specific needs and design a tailor-made program.
  • Continues with commitment: We are a family-owned business, just like most of our clients. Our commitment is to our clients and not any public shareholders.
  • Evolves with your business:We grow with you, share knowledge and expertise and maintain the relationship for the long-term.