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The Renaissance Way on Doctors/ Medical Practitioners’ Insurance

Medical Practitioners are a special case of professionals. Their duties and responsibilities are not only binding under oath, but also society also requires Medical Practitioners to exercise their duties with higher standards of care, as mistakes can have significant consequences on their patients’ future quality of life.

Medical Practitioners are therefore frequently involved in high profile legal cases, where plaintiffs and lawyers do not require proof of error before suing. Therefore, since claims are more often, insurers are required to defend, without necessarily paying indemnity to victims in the end, as errors are frequently difficult to prove in court.

As a consequence, Medical Practitioners’ Professional Liability Insurance, is referred to as Medical Malpractice Insurance, as it not only protects from errors, but also from alleged malpractice.

Available solutions include:

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance, which takes into account the needs of the profession by catering for needs like
    • Good Samaritan cover, in case of malpractice while performing first aid
    • Overseas Jurisdiction, in case a practitioner is engaged in health tourism activities
    • Overseas Work
    • Research work
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, for medical practitioners that participate as directors in health institutions’ Boards of Directors
  • Surgery Packages that provide Property, Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance to Private Medical Practices
  • High Limit Life, Accident and Medical Insurance that take into account the needs of high net worth self-employed individuals

Our solutions are available to practices of all sizes and from a number of insurers, local and international, with an inherent expertise on non-invasive specialties.

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